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Some Idea's For Your Intention Item

Love ♡ StressClarity Focus Good Luck Confidence Anxiety Calming Spiritual Growth ♡ Protection ♡ Prosperity ♡  Forgiveness ♡  Self Love ♡  Break Bad Habbits ♡  Courage ♡


A powerful tool to transform your intentions into reality.


Allow me to work my magic and create a one-of-a-kind powerful personalized intention Bracelet specifically made just for you.


Your intentions will be treated with the utmost care and confidentiality, as your trust is of the utmost importance. Remember, the secret to the perfect outcome lies in the details. The more specific and detailed your intention, the better I can infuse the jar with the essential ingredients needed to bring your desires to life.


Then get ready, because once you receive your personal bracelt you are in for an awe-inspiring experience, as the power of manifestation unfolds before you.


This intention jar will change the energy around you allowing you to attract what you desire or detour that which you no longer need or want.

Don't be surprised if you quickly notice a shift in the energy around once you start using your jar. Pay attention to any changes in others behavior, energy or if they become intrigued or captivated by your special jar.


Intuitvely made and infused with the positive and powerful energy of Reiki




Personalized Intention Bracelet (Made For You)

Only 9 left in stock
  • Using your intention jar is simple and easy.

    Wear your bracelet daily if possible so, you'll have a constant remider of your intention.

    Another option is to gift a braclet to someone special in your life, like a family member or friend, who could benefit from the intention you set. Just remember to let me know it’s a gift so I can infuse it with the best energy possible.

    Additional personalized instructions will be included with your bracelet providing guidance and suggestions tailored to you and your desired intention.

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