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Experience the power of intention and the law of attraction at its best. Let love, joy, and prosperity flow into your life effortlessly while shielding yourself from any negativity that may try to overshadow or dim your light.

This magical manifestation intention jar is a personalized vessel of mystical energies crafted just for you. Infused with the power to manifest your deepest desires, this jar is a beacon of positivity designed to attract love, happiness, or repel negativity or unwanted energies from your life.

Whether you seek luck, new beginnings, or prosperity, this jar is your key to unlocking the abundance of the universe. Simply set your intention and let the magic of this jar do the rest. Each jar is uniquely tailored to your specific needs and infused with the healing power of Reiki, ensuring that the energy it radiates resonates perfectly with your soul.

Some Idea's for Your Intention Jar

Love ♡ Relieve Stress ♡ Clarity ♡ Focus ♡ Good Luck ♡ Confidence ♡ Anxiety ♡ Calming ♡ Spiritual Growth ♡ Protection ♡ Prosperity ♡ Clear Negative Energy ♡ Self Love ♡ Break Bad Habits ♡ Creativity ♡ Communication ♡ Abundance ♡ Intuition

Personalized Intention Jars (Made Just For You)

  • Using your intention jar is simple and easy.

    First, find a place to display it where you'll frequently see it, like your bedroom or office. By keeping it in plain sight, you'll be reminded of your intentions every day.

    To add your own personal touch, feel free to display additional crystals, flowers, figurines, or anything else that speaks to you around your jar. Trust your intuition in this process, as there are no wrong choices - if it feels right, then it is right. If you prefer, you can even transfer the contents of the jar into a bowl, jar, or container of your choice.

    Another option is to gift the jar to someone special in your life, like a family member or friend, who could benefit from the intention you set. Just remember to let me know its a gift so I can infuse it with the best energy possible.

    Additional more personalized instructions will be included with your jar, providing guidance and suggestions tailored to you and your desired intention.

    With the intention jar, you have a versatile tool that can empower you and those around you to set positive intentions and bring them to fruition in a loving and safe way.

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