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Beatuiful eagle head carvings made with natural crystals and meticulously hand-carved. Available in a variety of crystal options, including rose quartz, clear quartz, labradorite, yooperlite, and moss agate. Each crystal possesses its own healing properties and meaning, adding an extra layer of significance to these masterpieces.

Rose quartz, known as the stone of love, is believed to promote compassion and emotional healing. Clear quartz, a powerful amplifier, is said to enhance clarity and focus.

Labradorite, with its enchanting play of colors, is associated with transformation and intuition. Yooperlite, a rare type of sodalite, is known for its fluorescent properties, often regarded as a symbol of discovery and illumination.

Moss agate, ,that brings balance and connection with nature.

These eagle carvings not only offer a visually stunning addition to your space but also provide an opportunity for personal growth and inspiration through their unique healing properties and meanings.

Eagle Head

  • Weight: 60g - 80g

    Size: appox 1.5" x 2"


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