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Blue Tiger Eye, also known as Hawk's Eye, leaves you feeling centered and rejuvenated. Spiritually, known to enhance one's intuition, promoting a deep sense of inner knowing and spiritual growth. Eeases anxiety and encourages clarity during times of introspection and meditation. When it comes to physical benefits, Blue Tiger Eye helps alleviate tension and headaches, providing a calm and serene energy that promotes restful sleep. Metaphysically, it protect against negative energies, shielding your aura from unwanted influences and promoting a sense of harmony and balance. Incorporating Blue Tiger Eye into rituals, meditation, or your humble abode can amplify its vibrations and emanate its soothing aura. By placing it on the Third Eye during meditation, the stone's energy aligns with the Third Eye Chakra, enhancing spiritual insight and promoting a deeper understanding of oneself. Blue Tiger Eye resonates with the Throat Chakra, aiding in effective communication and self-expression.

Blue Tiger Eye Tumbled

PriceFrom $3.00
  • Blocks EMF Emissions: n/a

    Chakra: All

    Zodiac: Leo, Capricorn

    Element: Fire, Earth

    Planet: Sun

    Hardness: 5

    Crystals typically over 6 are water safe


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