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Combo Session (Phone)

60min Session

  • 80 US dollars
  • Phone

Service Description

You can choose to focus on 2 options from the list below. If time allows, we can also touch on another option during the session. A) Life Coaching - Help with achieving your goals through motivation and accountability. B) Card Reading - Feeling stuck or in need of guidance? You will be able to ask questions to gain insight and/or inspiration. C) Energy Healing - Tips and exercises to help you balance your chakras. As well as clearing any negative or unwanted energy. D) Awakening Your Inner Spirit - If you are seeking support in nurturing your spiritual gifts or diving into metaphysical topics like energy healing, the law of attraction, or other phenomena, this is an excellent choice. With this option you will find a safe space to explore, learn, and discuss these subjects without judgment. Whether you're developing your abilities or just wanting a space to openly chat about such topics that might feel challenging elsewhere.

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Online: Crystal & Energy Healing Stamford, CT, USA

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