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The Healing Properties of Green fluorite. This beautiful gemstone has a multitude of uses Metaphysical, Promotes balance, growth, and healing. Its vibrant green hue is associated with the heart chakra, making it an ideal stone for emotional healing and fostering compassion.

Spiritually a stone of transformation and spiritual growth. It is said to enhance intuition and psychic abilities, making it a valuable tool for those seeking enlightenment and spiritual development.  Physical uses. Green fluorite is believed to have a purifying effect on the mind and body, aiding in detoxification and promoting overall physical well-being.

Additionally, due to its calming energy, it is often used as a tool for relaxation and stress relief.

Green Fluorite Free Form

PriceFrom $10.00
  • Blocks EMF Emission: Yes

    Chakra: Heart, Third Eye

    Zodiac: Capricorn, Pisces

    Element: Air, Water

    Planet: n/a

    Hardness:  4

    Crystals typically over 6 are water safe

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